Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our way is not always the only way to look at things

I was sent the link to this short talk and when I watched it, it made my mind spin.  How often do we assume what we know to be the way to do things might not be the only way?  What if doctors/midwives got paid more for healthy pregnancies and births? 


  1. And what if, when we have a pregnant mom who is interested in our classes, we tell her we can help and immediately ask her what she wants to know? The more we/I as an educator talk about birth as a normal, natural process without first hearing from the moms what they want to know, the more I am pre-screening out the majority of moms who don't have the time or desire to think about how they think about birth and who primarily just want help on how to get through labor and birth. Although I'm human and I do this, I keep trying to check my assumptions/hopes/perspectives at the door when I get a call, e-mail, or begin a class for expectant moms. Or, I share mine, why I feel a certain way, and then emphatically say that they are the best people to make their choices (and why they are). I give the best assistance when I'm listening rather than talking. Thanks for the neat example of different ways of looking at things.

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